Terry Bogard of Fatal Fury enters the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster in November


It will be Terry Bogard, from the classic of SNK Fatal Fury, the next fighter to enter the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster, as announced last month by Nintendo during his latest Direct, and luckily it doesn’t miss much to enter the game of the new character.

The official Twitter account of Nintendo Versus has in fact posted a little while ago, after a month of silence in this sense that they had also made the fans worry a minimum, a reminder about the arrival of the new fighter in November.

“The Legendary Wolf, Terry Bogard, arrives on Super Smash Bros Ultimate this November! His first appearance was in the SNK Fatal Fury game, released on Neo Geo in 1991” reads the Twitter post, which confirms the date of expected output, but without specifying the precise day.

After Terry’s arrival, the fifth character of the DLC Fighters Pass will follow. Nintendo still has some outstanding projects to expand the roster with other fighters, so there is still hope in case you were waiting for someone in particular. Who would you like to see in the popular Nintendo brawler?

Meanwhile, in a month we can already get our hands on a new character. What do you think of the arrival of Terry Bogard in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?