Will Cyberpunk 2077’s Photo Mode be available at launch? CD Projekt suggests this


In the V netrunner equipment, there may also be a flaming virtual camera, or at least that’s what the CD Projekt RED authors suggest with the new image dedicated to Cyberpunk 2077 Photo Mode.

The animated gif that appeared on the pages of the official Twitter profile of the Polish software house shows the skyscrapers of Night City and, immediately after, the stylized logo of a camera : to make the message even clearer, the authors of The Witcher series have taken advantage of the opportunity to launch a social campaign using the #CaptureCyberpunk and #PhotosFromNightCity hashtags .

In recent months, the top management of CD Projekt have repeatedly glossed over the subject, deeming it appropriate not to overreach to confirm or deny the presence of the Photographic mode among the in-game functions of Cyberpunk 2077 accessible since the release of the sci-fi blockbuster or, in alternative, via a free patch to be published in the post-launch period.

In spite of the cryptic modes of announcement of the Photo Mode of Cyberpunk 2077, therefore, we can practically take for granted its integration in the title already from the fateful day of marketing , which we remember to be foreseen for the ever too close April 16th, 2020 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Google Stadia. While we look forward to discovering what crazy hi-tech tools will be integrated into V’s futuristic camera, we invite you to discover the wonders and dangers of the Night City neighborhoods with this special signed by Tommaso “Todd” Montagnoli after having chatted with the ‘ Art Director Kasia Redesiuk.