Will Microsoft Flight Simulator support real-time Ray Tracing on PC?

Microsoft Flight Simulator

According to a recent video published by IGN USA, Microsoft Flight Simulator will support RTX libraries in the near future but probably not at launch. The famous international newspaper also talks about the possible support for Ray Tracing effects in real-time on the Windows platform.

At the moment there are no details on the matter and the publisher has not confirmed the support for this technology, which appears very probable considering the willingness (declared several times) to squeeze the maximum potential of modern PCs and Xbox platforms.

The Microsoft Flight Simulator Technical Test is currently underway, the Redmond company has launched an Alpha Test that is involving a small and select number of users with the aim of collecting valuable feedback to optimize and improve all aspects of the project.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is currently expected for 2020 on PC and Xbox One, in all likelihood the game will also be released on Xbox Scarlett, it is rumored as a launch game although there are still no confirmations about it, although rumors about it appear decidedly convincing, what better time to reboot a historic franchise than to launch a new console?