With PS5 the “generation of immediacy” will open, according to EA and Sony

Zen 2: PS5 Will Be the Most PC-Like Console Ever Existed Thanks to the CPU?

In one of the most representative passages of the interview granted to Wired by Mark Cerny, the chief designer of PS5 illustrated the technological potential of the new generation of PlayStation consoles by discussing them with the Chief Studios Officer of Electronic Arts, Laura Miele.

In reiterating Sony’s desire to make PS5 significantly more agile than PS4 thanks to the use of the newly developed SSD, the System Architect at the head of the team of designers and designers in charge of shaping PlayStation 5 explained that the secret of console will reside right in the solid-state memory that will be equipped on every model of the next-gen console.

The reduction (up to the complete zeroing ) of loading times, according to Cerny, will give developers the opportunity to make their titles even more immersive and fun. Also, Laura Miele of EA intervenes on the subject and, in facing the question from a general point of view that also includes Xbox Scarlett and the mobile systems in 5G, explains that“we are entering the generation of immediacy. In games on mobile devices, we expect them to be downloaded in a few moments and that can be immediately launched by users. On consoles and PCs, on the other hand, we are witnessing the entry of GPUs and hardware that make it possible to evolve the gameplay of next-gen video games and apps of the future through technologies such as neural AI and Ray Tracing”.

Thanks to Mark Cerny’s latest interview at Wired we can also set the release of PS5 at Christmas 2020, which is the same period as the launch of the Scarlett Xbox.