Apex Legends: a developer may have unveiled Revenant, a new hero by mistake


In the last hours a developer of Apex Legends has published on his Twitter account a series of images that portray Octane’s Gauntlet in various stages of development and, among the screenshots, some users have noticed an interesting detail.

Looking very carefully at the screens that usually show the Arena champions team, we can see the image of what looks like Revenant, a legend not yet announced but already seen in one of the many leaks that have revealed abilities over the last few weeks. appearance of numerous characters coming up with the coming seasons. Judging by its appearance, this character may have some kind of link to Pathfinder, since it is another robot whose appearance is much more aggressive.

Unfortunately at the moment, no details are known about the possible abilities of this legend and it is probable that there is still a little wait to wait until someone has discovered something. We remind you that to date the developers have introduced only one character per season and it is unlikely that Revenant can make its debut during the Season 3 of Apex Legends.