Death Stranding: Kojima is completing the editing of the launch trailer

Death Stranding: Kojima

The good Hideo Kojima is continuing to update all his followers on Twitter on the stages of assembling the launch trailer of Death Stranding, whose publication should arrive in the coming days.

As promised a few days ago, after a short trip the game designer returned to his studio in Japan, where he resumed working on the movie that will probably show us new gameplay scenes and maybe some fragments of cut-scenes with new characters. It is not to be excluded that there is still a character, whose features are inspired by some familiar face, whose presence in the game has not yet been revealed.

Waiting to see this trailer, we remind you that the game will arrive on the shelves of all the stores starting from next November 8th, 2019, exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.

According to the latest statements by Kojima, to better understand the plot of Death Stranding we should look at all the films currently available in a specific order. I wonder if the launch trailer will help make the story that will be the backdrop for the adventure of Sam Porter Bridges even more clear.

Did you know that Norman Reedus and Sam have a lot in common?