Death Stranding: Sam’s character behaves like the real Norman Reedus

Death Stranding Sam's character

Hideo Kojima is a perfectionist, and in all the games in which he was involved, he always put an enviable attention to detail. Everyone expects it to be the same in Death Stranding, and a recent interview with Norman Reedus has confirmed expectations in this regard.

The actor revealed that Kojima tried in every way to make the players empathize with the character of Sam and they identified themselves with him, so much so as to have inserted some “easter eggs” if we want, made so that the protagonist of the game you don’t look like a fictional character.

To succeed, he shaped it entirely as Norman Reedus, not just in terms of aesthetics. Sam basically has not only the features of Reedus, but he is the one in every way. Thanks to the work of motion capture in fact, the game designer has managed to insert even the simplest and most trivial movements that the actor performed, perhaps even without knowing that the machines were working, such as the way to yawn, to beat the eyelids, or scratching the head, to have the greatest possible realism and involvement.

Therefore, many gestures will not be “artificial”, but will be based on the actor’s true routine movements. What do you think? Is this a good idea? Will the feeling of realism in the game really increase?

Meanwhile, did you know that Shuhei Yoshida compared Death Stranding to a Netflix series?