Death Stranding: the ESRB classification reveals some violent scenes of the game

Death Stranding

Warning, there may be spoilers! The news on Death Stranding continues to follow one another for the launch scheduled for November 8th. Now is the moment of the ESRB classification (Entertainment Software Rating Board) which has assigned to the Kojima game an M which stands for Mature (ie, intended for an adult audience).

Death Stranding is now in the “gold” phase and among the various final preparations, there is the assignment of the age range indicated for the game. ESBR evaluated Death Stranding and considered it appropriate for the 17+ age group, ie to a mature audience. The choice of organization derives from the presence of blood, intense violence, partial nudity, and strong language.

The ESBR justified the assessment by stating that there are many important “intense violence” episodes in the game where you can play Sam Porter. Although there are long periods of play in which players passively carry “packs” through various scenarios, the institute has revealed that encounters with “human settlers and ghostly apparitions” can trigger realistic gun battles in which enemies emit ” big splashes of blood and cries of pain “. Even more interesting is the part where the ESBR reveals that a child is hit “accidentally” and players can see a pool of blood “appear below him”. Even a helpless “coma patient” is hit in the head while another man “stabs himself repeatedly in the distance”. Finally a character with “exposed buttocks” is also mentioned.

Who will be the child in question? And the man in a coma? It doesn’t take long to find out. Recently Hideo Kojima has revealed a detail that could help in understanding the plot.