Fortnite: sharply decreasing earnings over the past few months


Despite continuing to be one of the most played titles of the moment, Fortnite Battaglia Reale is slowly starting not only to lose players but also to record the first major drops in terms of earnings.

The players of the Epic Games battle royale started spending less in the object store between the second quarter of 2018 and that of 2019. This trend led to a 52% drop in revenue compared to the period prior to the one mentioned above. Although the game continues to generate huge profits for the development team, a drop of this kind is the first sign of a drop in user interest, which is slowly moving towards other products. A very different situation was recorded for PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, which suffered a drop in guagagni of only 2%.

It remains to be seen if the recent crossover events such as the one that brought Batman and Gotham City into the map and the imminent arrival of Season 11 can somehow bring the battle royale back to the glories of the past.

We remind you that Fortnite Battle Royale’s Season 11 will begin next Sunday with an event in play which, according to the information given by the data miner, could introduce a new map.