New record for Call of Duty Mobile: 100 million downloads in the launch week

Call of Duty Mobile

The reception given to Call of Duty Mobile by shooter fans on iOS and Android systems was as explosive as the launch trailer for COD Modern Warfare, judging by the 100 million downloads recorded by Activision in the week of publication on the App Store and Google Play.

Based on the surveys carried out by the expert analysis company Sensor Tower, the data obtained on the digital stores of Apple and Google highlight the incredible response obtained by Activision with the portable version of its flagship FPS franchise (especially after the divorce from Bungie and Destiny).

According to one of the analysts responsible for Sensor Tower, according to Reuters journalists, Call of Duty Mobile is “by far the biggest launch in the history of video games for mobile systems, especially in terms of the installed base of players that is was created in the first week “ .

What makes the record obtained by Activision really surprising is, in fact, the detachment with “competition”: in the same period of time examined, PUBG recorded 28 million downloads, Fortnite just over 26 million, Pokemon GO 85, 5 million and the recent Mario Kart Tour 90 million.

The success achieved at the launch by Call of Duty Mobile thus fuels the hopes of Activision’s top management to make the new portable COD the true competitor of Fortnite Mobile and PUBG Mobile , both in terms of the installed base and, above all, the interest aroused in the medium-long term enthusiasts and media visibility guaranteed by the events of the eSport scene.