New renderings of the PlayStation 5 Dev Kit emerge


In the past few hours, it has been confirmed that the PS5 Dev Kit has a design “very similar to the one leaked in August”, after this declaration the charts of Let’s GO Digital wasted no time and created an updated version of the Dev Kit’s render PlayStation 5.

The images found at the bottom show the prototype of the development kit as rendered by the Dutch magazine, the look is similar as mentioned to the render already diffused last summer, but the color combinations change, this time based on the colors white / black and silver / black , otherwise there are no permanent aesthetic differences, if not a seemingly more contained dimension than the first prototypes.

As mentioned and reiterated several times, this will not be the design of PlayStation 5, it is only one of the (many) design products for the console development kit, a design test without the will to start mass production of a complex project to be carried out in large quantities.

PlayStation 5 will be released at Christmas 2020 and will be accompanied by a new DualShock, the presentation to the general public is scheduled for early next year, probably in April according to the latest rumors not confirmed by Sony.