PlayStation Now: Sony has replaced the slogan identical to that of the Xbox Game Pass

Playstation Now

Last week Sony revolutionized PlayStation Now, lowering the prices of subscriptions and giving way to a new course, which from now on will see the introduction of real regular blockbusters, starting with God of War, GTA 5 and Uncharted 4.

For the occasion, the Japanese company has also updated the official website, introducing a “brand new” slogan, namely Discover Your Next Favorite Game (Discover your next favorite game, in Italian). We did not put the quotation marks at random, as the players soon realized that the phrase in question was the same as that used for Microsoft Game Pass by Microsoft for quite some months now.

A real gaffe of the marketing department, to which Sony has already remedied. As you can see for yourself on the official PlayStation Now page, the new slogan reads: “New adventures whenever you want them” , or “New adventures wherever you want”. A very singular situation, no doubt about it. Before saying goodbye, we advise you to find out about the new October 2019 games for PlayStation Now, which will probably entice you to sign up for the service without any hesitation.