Pokémon GO: new Legendary Hour today dedicated to Giratina

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This is a particularly challenging time for Pokémon GO players, who face the second Legendary Hour today in 24 hours. After yesterday’s dedicated to Mewtwo in fact, today all the coaches will have their chance to capture Giratina, who will star in the Legendary Raids from 18 to 19.

In this hour, it will be possible to get together with your group of friends, to challenge Giratina and try to capture it, as always also in Shiny version, in all free gyms.

If you intend to procure a copy of the pokémon then, it could be the right occasion to do it, given that Giratina will then abandon the Pokémon GO Raids from October 17th, to make room for the 2019 Halloween event (many points to Darkrai for replacing Giratina in the Raids).

Of the future events of Pokémon GO, however, we will deal with it when news arrives. Now there is a Giratina to capture: if you need any suggestions, take a look at our guide to complete the Giratina raid, with all the pokémon and suggested moves to best deal with the legendary creature.