PS5: details on design, battery, weight and dimensions of the new DualShock

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The new PlayStation 5 controller will integrate as we know two interesting new features, namely the adaptive triggers and the haptic feedback that will replace the classic vibration with a rumble effect. Mark Cerny and Toshi Aoki from Sony have also revealed other information on the DualShock 5, without going into too much detail.

In the Wired article, it is specified that at the moment the controller does not have a name yet, so DualShock 5 is not to be considered an official nomenclature. Even the design is not yet definitive but it is announced that ” the current model is very similar to the PS4 DualShock “, among the new features Cerny and Aoki mention an improved speaker, the presence of a USB Type-C connector for charging and the connection to the console, as well as a ” large-capacity” battery, however, precise data have not been provided.

And what about weight and size? Generally speaking, Wired speaks of a slightly heavier controller than the DualShock 4, while Toshi Aoki corrects this claim that the new joypad will still be lighter than the Xbox controller (with batteries inserted).

No citation to the infamous LCD / OLED screen appeared in some renderings and prototypes released in recent months also by authoritative newspapers and insiders, it is not clear if the display will not be present or if Sony has chosen to keep the secret on this feature for now.

Also, the cost of the controller has not been made known, probably to see the DualShock 5 in action we will have to wait until April 2020, according to some rumors this is the month chosen by Sony to present PlayStation 5 to the general public.