SNK is discussing the return of the Metal Slug series


The Metal Slug series was a huge success in the 90s and early 2000s but for a long time now we have not seen a “regular” chapter of the saga with Metal Slug 7 released in 2008 on Nintendo DS and arrived the following year on PSP (with the title Metal Slug XX).

Since then we have seen spin-offs for smartphones, collections, and collections on various platforms but not a new “numbered” game belonging to the official fee. Will Metal Slug 8 be made? SNK has repeatedly made it clear that it is interested in bringing the franchise back to life, an affirmation confirmed also by Yasuyuki Oda during a recent interview published on Twinfinite:

” We have not decided anything yet and we have not started work on a new Metal Slug but we are in the phase in which we are discussing it. We will want it and also the fans but there are still many points to discuss it, we want to bring Metal back to life Slug but we want to do it in the best possible way. “

These are the words of Oda, who already in 2018 had commented on a possible return of Metal Slug expressing doubts about the arcade nature of the game, which may not be too appreciated by current audiences but only by nostalgics who love classic titles.