Sri Lanka recognizes competitive gaming as a full-fledged sport

Sri Lanka

Asia is always a step ahead when it comes to competitive gaming. Many emerging countries are focusing heavily on digitization and on everything that can be considered innovative.

Now it is the turn of Sri Lanka, a country that has officially recognized export as a full-fledged sport, according to what was stated in the declaration of the Minister of Sport published last week.

The Sri Lankan Ministry of Sport has therefore ruled in favor of export, following a September 26 announcement by Harin Fernando, Minister of Telecommunications and Sport.

The award was born from a multi-year effort carried out by the Sri Lankan Esports Association (SLESA) to see the legitimately recognized exports.

Exports were present at the 2018 Asian Games as a “demonstration sport” . This led the National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka (NOCSL) to consider the legitimacy, for export, of the status of the official sport.

Sri Lanka has therefore joined nations such as FranceKazakhstan, and China in the number of countries that recognize exports and equate them to traditional sports.

This year ‘s South East Asian Games, where competitive gaming will be present with official competitions valid in all respects for the medal table, will be another great showcase that could attract the attention of many other nations.