The Silent Hill 2 prototype is now available to everyone online

Silent Hill 2

When it comes to survival horror video games, one of the mainstays of the genre, appreciated almost unanimously by audiences and critics, it is certainly Silent Hill 2, a title that has inspired many other games launched on the market over the years.

As evidence of the consideration, he still enjoys today is the fact that after some years curiosity and information on Silent Hill 2 continue to arrive. What we are telling you today, in particular, will make the fans stand out, as a new version of the game prototype is now available online.

As many of you know, Konami has confirmed that the original source code of Silent Hill 2 has been lost, so the developers have had to redo much of the work for Silent Hill’s HD Collection. However, a new version of the prototype, called Build 0.10WM047-UI, emerged in the past few hours, which may have been the one used to complete the game, even if it is just speculation.

In any case, this version has been uploaded and made available on The Hidden Palace, the site that collects demos, preliminary builds, codes and anything else that may be used to preserve the world’s historical gaming heritage) and is now available to everyone.

Of course, we will miss some objects, lines of dialogue and so on, but it is certainly interesting to be able to compare this version with the final product, for example. Just as it will be curious to see what some programmers with a lot of free time can do, starting from a base like Silent Hill 2.