The Simpsons: Hit and Run, could a remaster arrive?

The Simpsons

Not always the licensed video games have had the hoped success, and in particular regarding a franchise like that of the Simpsons so many have been realized, with often forgettable results. A nice exception was The Simpsons Hit and Run.

This is a game released in 2004 on PS2, Xbox and Nintendo Gamecube, defined by many as a GTA in Simpsonian sauce, albeit very far, and was particularly appreciated because it provided a nice representation of Springfield that we are used to seeing in TV.

The videogame is still very much appreciated by fans, who have clamored for it to come back, at least in the form of remakes or remasters, but so far nothing has yet been produced in this regard. However, it was Vlad Ceraldi, producer of the historic title, who rekindled the hopes that in a recent interview he said: “I would see a remake or a remaster well, even on different platforms. Of course, there should be first the will of the owners of the franchise , and someone who then decides to do it, but yes, it would be fun to re-explore those characters and that universe “.

The producer then continued: “Now we can be much more faithful, much more exploration is possible in the content than it was at the time. There were so many references in the game, but we could not include everything. Now there are many more things that could be done, and would certainly be fascinating. “

In short, someone is thinking about it. Before getting too excited about it though, Ceraldi kept us to specify that this is bar talk at the moment and that therefore there is nothing concrete on the table, at the present state of things. But dreaming costs nothing, doesn’t it? Also because the original game proved to be a success also from an economic point of view.

“When you create something, sometimes you know you’ve done something special. This was one of those cases where we knew we had hit the mark. We didn’t expect it to sell so well, it went beyond our expectations.”

What do you think? Would you like a return of The Simpsons Hit and Run?