Atari VCS launch at risk: engineers and designers have not been paid for many months

Atari VCS

Atari VCS should mark the relaunch of the historic brand on the living room electronic entertainment market but at present, the future of the console and of the company itself does not seem particularly rosy, at least judging by some recent testimonies.

Initially known as Ataribox, the platform was then renamed Atari VCS with the aim of using a recognizable brand and logo capable of immediately arousing emotions in the players, especially in young adults who have owned the VCS 2600 over the years 80. After a first demonstration at the GDC 2018 the company that is working on the project has opened a campaign on Indiegogo that has yielded about three million dollars , which have financed the design of the console initially planned for June 2019, the date in question, however, has passed and the company has announced that Atari VCS will see the light at the end of the year.

This at least happened in the past few months, now the situation seems to have changed and at least two key people on the development team (specifically the system architect Rob Wyatt and the design consultancy Tim Giant) have left the company because they have been without pay for at least six months. The community complains about a general lack of updates on the state of the work but this seems to be the minor problem, Rob Wyatt claims to be in credit with the company that must pay them at least six months of back bills, while Giant was much more lapidary: ” how small company, we were lucky to be able to stay in the business for so long, but now it’s time to close. “

Other anonymous sources have complained about the ongoing intrusion of Atari executives in the management of the project, who would have ” thought only of cutting the funds, without knowing at all how the console market works today. ” Heavy statements that lead to thinking of a premature end for a project for the relaunch of the VCS.