Borderlands 3: discovered a new glitch that makes players invincible, here is the video!

Borderlands 3

With the last Borderlands 3 glitch, not even Tiny Tina’s bombs would be able to scratch the armor of the Crypt Hunters who, like the DPJ YouTuber, ran into this “in-game problem” shuttling between Sanctuary 3 and the shooter alien planets of Gearbox.

The famous content creator is, in fact, one of the many Borderlands 3 players who claim, on the main social media and on the most popular video game forums such as ResetEra and Reddit, to have discovered a way to infuse their hero with the sacred fire of immortality.

As explained by the YouTuber, in order to use this glitch it is necessary to equip an artifact capable of giving temporary invulnerability when the Health of one’s alter-ego falls below 50% : done this, it will be enough to damage one’s character and quickly exchange artifact with another player online before the Health bar returns above the 50% threshold. Needless to add that, given the ease with which this “hidden functionality” can be accessed, for Texan authors, it will be rather easy to close this flaw and resolve the glitch with one of the next updates.