Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: how to get the complete set of the Oniric Adventure

Destiny 2

Do you want to get the full set of armor of the Oniric Adventure that the Hunters, Sorcerers, and Titans wear on the Destiny 2 promotional images: Shadows from the Deep? Then you will have to complete a series of mini-goals on behalf of Eris Morn.

Here are all the steps to complete to get the individual components of the set:

The essence of despair (Mark of the Titans, Pact of the Wizards and Cloak of the Hunters):

Adding the class object to your inventory is not complex and requires you to go to the moon and take actions like collecting filaments of helium, opening chests and completing patrols, public events, and lost sectors.

The essence of Torment (Boots):

To get the boots, all you have to do is complete the daily sizes proposed by Eris Morn in the lunar patrol area.

The essence of pride (Helmet) :

This step requires you to kill nightmares in the solar system. Enter a Lost Sector (Titan, Io, Nessus, and European Dead Zone) and eliminate the additional bosses that accompany the main one and who usually appear several times during the battle, so as to speed up progress. Avoid killing nightmares on the moon, as they won’t make you advance in the quest.

The essence of Solitude (Gloves) :

Completing this step is not at all difficult since it simply requires killing the fallen on the moon.

The essence of Terror (Torso) :

In a very similar way to the essence of solitude, you will have to eliminate enemies on the moon, particularly the hive. Go around sowing death and destruction for a few minutes and you’re done.

At the completion of each of the companies, you will have to go to the Sanctuary, which is the area where Eris Morn is present and then interact with the lectern of the enchantment, so as to obtain the piece of armor related to the essence that you have completed.

We also remind you that if you accidentally dismantle one of the pieces on this set, you will be given the opportunity to buy them back from Eris Morn, but only after completing all 5 companies listed above.