EA announces three free trial weekends for Battlefield 5


Electronic Arts have announced three free Battlefield V weekends scheduled for the month of October, during the test events PC players will be able to access various contents of the DICE web shooter.

The first free trial weekend will be held from 10 to 13 October and will focus on Rush mode, the second test is scheduled from 17 to 20 October and will focus on the Conquest mode and finally from 24th to 27th October it will be possible to try the Grand Operations mode, in both cases with the latest multiplayer maps added in recent months.

During all the test sessions the single-player campaign will be entirely accessible in its entirety and without limitations of any kind. With this move, Electronic Arts want to invite players to rediscover Battlefield V after a period full of updates and patches that have improved not only the technical sector but also added new content.

The Battlefield V free weekends are only available on PCs and we do not know at the moment if DICE and EA are planning similar initiatives on consoles, perhaps for the month of November, to counter the competition of Call of Duty Modern Warfare. The publisher also points out that a Battlefield V themed discount campaign will be running on Origin, PlayStation Store and Xbox Store at the same time.