FIFA 20, best players: 10 champions to have in Ultimate Team

FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition

Are you aiming to create the most competitive team possible in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team? Then you should aim for the most famous football stars in the game. Here are the 10 strongest champions in the new EA Sports football simulator.

From Maradona to Pelè, passing through Zidane, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Let’s take a closer look at the 10 best players (of the present and the past) available in the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team.

Pelé (CF, 95)

Considered by many to be the greatest player of all time, Pelè is a true legend also in FIFA 20, where he can boast a total score of 95 and 5-star skills. With 95 acceleratings, 96 in shutter speed, 95 in finalization and 93 in shots, the Brazilian champion looks like a potentially devastating weapon in attack.

His speed and his sense of position, combined with his incomparable sense of goal, will become the worst nightmare of the opposing defenders. As you can imagine, Pele is hard to find in packages, and to buy it on the market you will need to shell out around 1.9 million credits (in this regard, if you can help us on our pages we have explained to you how to earn credits in FIFA 20 quickly).

Maradona (CAM, 95)

The second best card of FIFA 20 Ultimate Team is that of Maradona, which in turn can boast an overall score of 95. After all, how can you not know the famous Argentine soccer star?

As in the case of Pelé, Maradona is able to exploit the 5-star abilities which, combined with his 96 in dribbling and 98 in balance, will allow you to always have the ball glued to the foot. Not to mention his 94 in the finalization, 91 in distance shots and 93 in set pieces, which will allow him to score goals from virtually any position. As with Pelè, it will be very difficult to get your hands on Maradona, and to buy it on the market you will have to deprive yourself of about 1.9 million credits.

Ronaldo (ST, 94)

The best real attacker of the game, Ronaldo the phenomenon is definitely up to his fame. With 94 in acceleration, his technical knowledge and the ability to handle the ball in tight spaces, it will be extremely difficult to stop him when he points straight to the door.

The Brazilian playmaker will not be lethal only in making the opposing defenders eat dust, though. His superb dribbling, the ability to take free kicks and the speed of execution make him a lethal threat in numerous game situations. Too bad it’s even more expensive than the two icons above: to buy it you’ll need about 6 million credits. A mind-boggling figure.

Zinedine Zidane (CAM, 94)

EA has made a commitment to bring Zidane to FIFA 20, and with good reasons. Compared to Pelé and Maradona, he is a different kind of offensive midfielder, much more oriented towards being a director. This is reflected in his extraordinary assessments in the steps: put him behind your attackers, and he will be able to serve them with surgical precision.

Zizou will be able to hurt himself even thanks to his 92 in dribbling, 90 in throws and the five-star ability that can make him a valid attacker. Not forgetting its effectiveness in set pieces, with 91 in punishment precision. If you want to make it your own by buying it in the market, you will have to spend around 4 million credits.

Lionel Messi (RW, 94)

Maradona’s heir is still going strong, and he is the present player with the currently highest score in FIFA 20. EA has often struggled to reflect his skills and style of play, but this year’s card still makes him a monster in Ultimate Team. With a better dribbling score than Zidane or Ronaldinho, he will always be able to pierce his opponent’s defenses like few others.

Fortunately, Messi is available on the FUT market more regularly than the Icons listed above. Currently, it can be purchased at an average price of 1 million credits. Better start saving.

Cristiano Ronaldo (ST, 93)

Although Cristiano Ronaldo is no longer the cover star of the game, with Juventus exclusively on PES 2020, the total score of the Portuguese champion is set at 93, a point behind rival Messi. Not that there’s anything to worry about, given his 94 in the finalization, 95 in shooting power, 93 in distance shots and 89 in precision.

Not forgetting his ability to maintain the sustained pace of play, with 91 in shutter speed and 89 in acceleration, to which is added the 92 in ball control. CR7 certainly needs no introduction, and everyone knows its extraordinary power in the offensive phase. If you want to buy it on the market, you will find it at around 1.6 million credits.

Paolo Maldini (CB, 92)

The time has come to see some defenders, and the best palm of the lot belongs to our Paolo Maldini. He boasts an almost perfect 95 on defense, with some incredible statistics: 96 in interceptions, 94 in defensive awareness, 95 in slips and 96 in standing tackles.

Furthermore, his 82 acceleration and shutter speed help him keep up with everyone, except for the fastest attackers, while 92 in headshots make him a potential attacker added to corners and a tower in inactive balls. You find it in the market at around 1.4 million credits.

Neymar Jr (LW, 92)

Over the years, Neymar Jr has triggered a fair number of controversies due to his “diver” skills. In FIFA 20 it is possible to simulate a foul in the opponent’s penalty area, but the Brazilian player can also excel in many other areas.

Starting from his ability to perform the most advanced tricks like Hocus Pocus, without of course forgetting his skills as a skilled dribbler. In addition to easily skipping the opposing defenders, Neymar Jr can also score with a certain ease from the distance and set pieces. You can make it yours in the market at a cost of around 790,000 coins.

Kevin de Bruyne (CM, 92)

Kevin de Bruyne was the first FIFA 20 TOTW card to reward his key role in Watford’s swirling 8-0 over Manchester City. This offered a +1 on the total score (now set at 92) compared to his usual gold card, and a change of position from CAM to CM.

With a rating of 95 in-game viewings, 94 in crosses, 93 in short passes and 92 composure, the Belgian player is certainly to have in any team of Ultimate Team. Considering that you can buy it for 520,000, it’s a bargain.

Garrincha (RW, 92)

Outside of Brazil, not many people have heard of Garrincha. Which is a pity, as it can be considered one of the greatest dribblers in the history of football.

In FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, in particular, Garrincha is a superb wing to add to your team. His score of 94 in dribbling can give problems even to the best defenders, while his 92 in the passages show that he has the same probability of helping his teammates as much as scoring. You can make it yours with a cost of 1.3 million.

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