Fortnite: Collect Visitor Registration at Aquatic Palms and Bisunto Grove

Fortnite: Collect Visitor Registration

After showing you where to collect Visitor records on Floating Island and Commerce Course, in this mini-guide to Fortnite Heroes ‘ Timeless Challenges we show you the locations in which to find Aquatic Palm and Bisunto Grove recordings.

To complete this challenge, all you need to do is find and collect the visitor’s records located at Aquatic Palms and Boschetto Bisunto. Below we show their exact locations within the map.

Where to find the Visitor registration for Water Palms

The first registration is located above the tallest building of Aquatic Palms. Once you land on the roof of the building, you will find the cassette-shaped recording right in front of you. After identifying it, all you have to do is pick it up by interacting with it. If you need a visual reference to find it more easily, you can consult the image shown below and the video proposed at the top.

Where to find the Visitor registration at Boschetto Bisunto

The second registration is located in Boschetto Bisunto, in the local Tacos. Also, in this case, to help you with a visual reference, you can watch the video shown in the open or the image proposed at the bottom of the page.

We remember that the challenges Heroes Timeless mark the end of season 10 of the Epic Games battle royale, preparing the players for the arrival of Fortnite Season 11.