Has Riot Games censored Hong Kong during the League of Legends World Championships?

Riot Games

It seems that Riot Games has censored the Hong Kong term during the broadcast of the recent 2019 League of Legends world championships, probably with the aim of avoiding any reference to the protests that are taking place at this time in the country.

Numerous spectators have noticed how the casters have never correctly pronounced the name of the Hong Kong Attitude team, opting for a more generic HKA, thus limiting themselves to the initials of the team only. Other presenters have instead mentioned the name Hong Kong apparently with some uncertainty, as if they were scared, at least this is the impression given by many spectators.

To signal how the Hong Kong Attitude was not interviewed immediately after their victory as a practice, the chat with the team members was transmitted a few hours later in registered and non-live version as usually happens in these cases.

This is obviously just speculation, but many think that Riot wanted to limit problems of any kind considering that the company is under the control of the Chinese giant Tencent. Let us remember that Blizzard ended up in the eye of the storm due to banning a Hearthstone pro player who expressed support for the Hong Kong protests … a situation that Riot would strongly avoid.