Hidetaka Miyazaki talks about Bloodborne 2 and the sources of inspiration for the first chapter

Bloodborne 2

The editors of GameSpot Brazil had the pleasure of interviewing Hidetaka Miyazaki to address a topic very dear to the boss of From Software and all fans of soulslike, namely that of the Bloodborne series.

During an informal chat with Brazilian journalists, Miyazaki retraced the most important stages of the long development journey undertaken to shape Bloodborne’s dark-hued universe and told that “to make it happens, I was inspired by Lovecraft’s book , The Call of Cthulhu, although anyone who has ever played Bloodborne will probably already know that I have been heavily influenced by Lovecraft and his works. […] Bloodborne is the game that has remained in my heart most, is the one to which I am more fond of it and it has marked me more because I believe I realized it the way I wanted it to be done”.

Despite the satisfaction for what he did, and therefore for the incredible result achieved with the exclusive PS4, Miyazaki reveals that, if he had had the time, he would have changed some element of gameplay: “I always try not to think too much about which elements I would improve a title after completing it. But if you really want to know, maybe I would have improved the Blood Gems and Dungeons of the Chalice, I would have made them more detailed. But I see that there is always room for improvement, I can add others if I want”.

The cryptic tones of the last sentence uttered by the Japanese master prompted the editors of GameSpot Brazil to ask in a peremptory manner whether these improvements could be integrated into Bloodborne 2: in this regard, Miyazaki hinted a laugh and replied that “unfortunately, it does not depend on from me “ . Recently, the authors of Bluepoint Games have confirmed that they are working on a “big next-gen game” for PS5, thus fueling the rumors about Demon’s Souls Remaster: was it an allusion to Bloodborne 2?