Kojima and the post-Konami difficulties: the family did not want him to open a study

death stranding hideo kojima

The separation of Hideo Kojima from Konami was treated far and wide by the media of the sector and not only, at the time. The legendary Japanese game designer had worked for about thirty years, helping to create incredible successes like that of Metal Gear Solid, perhaps the biggest hit of the studio.

Nothing lasts forever though, and after saying goodbye to the software house for the reasons that we know well, the author has gone through a difficult period. Of course, the offers were not lacking, and there were also some speculations according to which he could have tried to enter the world of cinema as a director. Moreover, Kojima has always wanted to become a director, as stated a few days ago.

But when he decided to open his own studio, not everything went the right way at the beginning. For his family, in fact, it would have represented a big risk and a very important investment of money, also because at the beginning, it seems that the banks refused his request for a loan just to found Kojima Productions.

In the end, luckily everything was resolved, and now the studio is ready to launch the first videogame on the market, the Death Stranding we are all waiting for. What do you expect from Hideo Kojima’s latest work? Has all this waiting been worth it?