Monster Hunter World Iceborne: the first update arrives with Rajang

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, Capcom Shows Us Other New Weapons

The first major free update for Monster Hunter World Iceborne is now available, keeping the series tradition alive, with robust post-launch support, further expanding the already massive end-game content.

The free upgrade offers even more challenging challenges to complete, including the much-loved ferocious Rajang, other hardened monsters, a completely new region for the Terre Guida end-game area, and much more. In the new update video of the Capcom developers, it has also detected the additional post-launch updates that will arrive in the rest of the current year, in addition to several collaborations.


The centerpiece of this first free update is clearly the fearsome Rajang: the “thundering” monster so loved by fans that it offers a demanding challenge even for the most experienced hunters. This extremely aggressive beast, when made angry, turns into a sphere of golden fury, hurling even more lethal attacks with its incredible arms. However, defeating it and using its parts will provide equally incredible equipment, including black/gold armor with high offensive properties.

Le Terre Guida

Completing all the missions in the Iceborne story is just the beginning, especially now that hunters will see the introduction of additional end-game content in the Guide Lands. This game area dedicated to the end game introduces several new biomes with landscapes and reminiscent traits of the maps of the basic game, offering many new challenges, monsters, and incredible rewards. Investigating and hunting in the different biomes will increase the “Region Level” of that area, thus increasing the difficulty of the hunts and the quality of the rewards received. The materials of these missions will offer various customization options for weapons, both aesthetic and functional. Furthermore, some monsters like the Zinogre will only appear in the Guide Lands once they reach a certain Region Level.

With this first update, a brand new volcanic biome is added to the Guide Lands, which will be accessible to players after they have begun the special mission to hunt the aforementioned Rajang. In addition to Rajang, new hardened monsters have been added: The hardened Golden Rathian and the Hardened Silver Rathalos. As an incentive to continue the hunt for these expert-level monsters, the materials collected in the Guide Lands can also be used to create some Monster Hunter World Armor Styles, for anyone who still likes the look of older equipment. Finally, the update also brings some improvements to the gameplay in the Guide Lands, based on player feedback.

Updates for the Player’s Room

Players now have the opportunity to visit other players’ rooms and see how they have furnished their accommodations. Optional decorations have also been added that can be purchased via DLC, for those who want to further enhance their room.

Future updates

This first free update is just the beginning. As with the previous chapters of the series, Iceborne will continue to receive several free updates, with the next scheduled for November. It will boost collaboration with the iconic characters Leon, Claire and the Tyrant, of the famous Resident Evil survival horror saga, as well as including the new special missions that will allow you to get the new weapon and the Palico equipment created by the winners of the Design contests. For users on PlayStation 4 the first part of the exclusive collaboration with Horizon Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds will be available, giving players the chance to create a Light Crossbow from the appearance of Aloy’s Thrower.

The month of December will continue to bring news with a new monster still to be revealed and with the return of seasonal festivities, which will be held at the operational bases of both Astera and Seliana, so that everyone can participate. PlayStation 4 players will be introduced to the second part of the exclusive collaboration with Horizon Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds , which will allow them to create an armor set that replicates the Horizon Zero Dawn Shield Weaver armor, to face new missions to create equipment for your Palic and upgrade the Thrower, as well as a mission to create the new Banuk armor set. Finally, there will also be missions to upgrade the Aloy bow and the Vedetta armor that were previously made available in MH World.