PS4 Remote Play: download app for iPhone and Android smartphones

PS4: Remote Play

Sony has recently opened Remote Play with Android smartphones thanks to the 7.0 update of PlayStation 4 and PS4 PRO, to enable Remote Play on iOS and Android, however, it is necessary to download the PS4 Remote Play application, here are the download links from App Store and Google Play.

The PlayStation 4 Remote Play application is available free for iPhone (with iOS 12.1 or later) and for all smartphones and tablets with Android operating system updated to at least version 5.0:

PS4 Remote Play App

  • View the PS4 screen on your mobile device
  • Use the on-screen controller of your mobile device to control your PS4
  • Join voice chats using the microphone on your mobile device
  • Enter text into your PS4 using your mobile device’s keyboard

Download the Remote Play PS4 app from the App Store and Google Play. To enable online gaming on smartphones, all you need is a device updated at least to iOS 12.1 or Android 5.0, to use wireless controllers you will need a smartphone or tablet with iOS 13 and Android 10, otherwise, the pairing with the Bluetooth joypad will fail.

To enable this feature, your console must be equipped with PlayStation 4 7.0 firmware, so make sure your PS4 or PS4 PRO is correctly updated.