PS5: indie developers worried about the lack of information?

PS5 Games: From GTA 6 to God of War 2, Rumor, Leak and Expectations

According to a report published by GamesIndustry, some independent developers would be worried by the lack of revealing information on PlayStation 5, in fact, the lack of concrete details seems to be causing discontent in the indie scene.

As we know, Sony has adopted a new communication strategy in the last year, starting from the State of Play events up to revealing new details on PS5 through the pages of Wired, moreover we report also the absence to the main trade fairs as E3 and Gamescom, with a PlayStation Experience (usually scheduled for December) yet to be announced and probably in doubt. All this would make it difficult to get in touch with Sony, at least for smaller teams.

During the Investment Summit, there would have been many complaints in this regard and numerous representatives of small independent companies expressed the fear of being abandoned. There seem to be many developers not aware of Sony’s plans for PlayStation 5 regarding support for the indie and third party scene and many link this (apparent) lack of support with the departure of Shawn Layden and the internal restructuring of Sony Interactive Entertainment, which seems to involve the European division of SIE in particular.