Sea of ​​Thieves will support private servers in the future

Sea Of ​​Thieves

Rare has published a new video of the Developer Update series of Sea of ​​Thieves to update players on the state of the works. On this occasion, Joe Nate confirmed the arrival of private servers, which will be activated in the near future.

” We have spoken several times about private servers in the past and also recently, we confirm that this is a function present in our internal roadmap. At the moment we cannot tell you much but it is a planned addition in the medium or long term, therefore its arrival is not immediate and at the moment we are not working directly, however, I confirm the intention to support private servers for Sea of ​​Thieves in the future. “

Sea of ​​Thieves has recently received new updates and the game seems to be back in the limelight thanks to a rich series of updates capable of adding high-level content and improving the technical sector at the same time.

Rare and Microsoft said they were very satisfied with the numbers, the reception and the support of the community, the latter is apparently quite small compared to that of other great AAA games but very active and so it seems enough to guarantee a bright future for Sea of Thieves, who will continue to be supported for much longer.