Shadow Empire: Slitherine’s new strategic sci-fi officially announced

Shadow Empire

The experienced developers and producers of strategic video games Slitherine officially present Shadow Empire, a new sci-fi title of the 4X genre that combines management phases and turn-based war simulations with the political, economic, technological and social evolution of their faction.

Set in a post-apocalyptic dimension (otherwise, therefore, from historical scenarios such as Panzer Corps or Field of Glory), Shadow Empire will project us to several hundred years into the future to involve us in the reconstruction and conquest activities of one of the few cities- He survived the nuclear cataclysm that devastated the planet in previous centuries.

Our task will, therefore, be to take advantage of the small natural resources available to our faction to manage the reconstruction phases of civilization, while at the same time trying to plan the moves to be made by the troops on the battlefield. Each digital sovereign must also carefully choose the technological research to be conducted, the policies to be implemented and the socio-economic doctrines to be followed to ensure a future for their virtual empire.

Anyone who loves this kind of managerial and strategic experience , and is therefore more inclined to postpone on the graphic nature gaps and on the objective difficulties encountered in mastering all the playful aspects on which similar 4X titles rest, will be happy to know that Slitherine promises to integrate into Shadow Empire a procedural map generation system. In terms of content, we also mention the presence of 100 types of military formations with more than 30 categories of units to be unblocked, 100 science fiction technologies to be searched and 150 war, political, social and economic stratagems to adopt. Waiting to know the launch date of the Shadow Empire on PC, we invite you to admire the presentation images that we leave you at the bottom of the news.