Sony PlayStation would have fired numerous employees on the day of PS5 announcements

PlayStation Headquarter

According to the indiscretion launched by the Video Game Chronicle portal, on the day that Sony sent its users into raptures by announcing the PS5 launch window and new details on the console, it would also have fired several employees from different divisions both in Europe and in the United States of America.

Anonymous sources at VGC say that on Tuesday 8th, PlayStation America executives would go to the studios of Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe (SIEE) in London to announce the restructuring of several departments, including marketing and public relations departments. A dismissed employee would be given a notification and a meeting with the management would have been given.

In the past, regional divisions were operating autonomously, but the restructuring initiated on April 1, 2018, provided greater freedom of maneuver to the North American branch of PlayStation, or Sony Interactive Entertainment America (SIEA): since then SIEA, SIEE, and SIEJ respond directly to Jim Ryan, who this year became President and CEO. Therefore, in this situation, the American division would seem to have assumed a predominant role. The layoffs, in any case, would also have affected SIEA and some of its creative teams, not better specified. One of the employees affected by the restructuring has written, in a tweet now removed, the following: “I can’t stand the fact that this will take second place after the announcement of PlayStation 5”,  noting the curious coincidence.

According to VGC sources, SIEA’s influence is so strong that European employees were not even aware of the decision to announce new details on PS5 through Wired pages. Even the State of Play would be part of a media strategy developed overseas without the contribution of the divisions of the Old Continent: it is not by chance that the timetables are always chosen with an eye on American players. The centralization would have caused a significant number of layoffs over the last 12 months, culminating in the restructuring we mentioned at the beginning.

Does this have anything to do with Shawn Layden’s recent and illustrious abandonment? Hard to say with the information available to us. Apparently, Sony has not yet officially commented on the matter, so we advise you to take this information with pliers.