Steam, here is the Remote Play Together: play local multiplayer even with friends online


Yesterday, some developers received an email, or read the announcement on Steamworks, the website dedicated to them, with which Steam announced the arrival of an interesting new feature designed for multiplayer.

This is the Remote Play Together, thanks to which it will be included in the games that provide local multiplayer, the possibility of bringing players online as well. In practice, if you have a couch co-op title, but you don’t have any friends to play with physically, you can invite online players to participate as if they were in the same room.

The good news is that only the player who is the host to having to own the game, in order to invite friends to play online. According to what reported, all multiplayer games will automatically receive compatibility with Remote Play Together, which will come in the Beta version from October 21st.

Confirmation of the news came in the past few hours on Twitter via Alden Kroll. What do you think of this new Steam feature? Will you use it?

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