The alien universe of No Man’s Sky does not stop evolving: here is the news of the update 2.14

The alien universe

Despite the fact that only a few days have passed since the publication of the latest update of No man’s Sky, the authors of Hello Games are launching a new update of their ambitious science-fiction sandbox on PC and console.

The new patch brings Sean Murray’s free-roaming blockbuster chat to version 2.14 and introduces a whole series of improvements and optimizations for the graphics sector, the netcode, the progression of the game experience during the construction of the bases, the crafting and ‘ exploration of alien worlds.

However, the short time lapse between the launch of the previous update and the publication of today’s patch betrays the real purpose of this update, namely to correct the problems reported by users who have installed the 2.13 update of No Man’s Sky.

Among the bugs and glitches reported by NMS enthusiasts, we mention for example the delay in the display of polygonal models of extraterrestrial creatures, the presence of artifacts in the interface (especially in the use of the elements of the inventory) or the failure to visualize the designated objectives of the missions and sandbox activities.

The patch today, Thursday 10 October, should solve all these problems and lay the foundations for future updates of No Man’s Sky Beyond that will be launched by Hello Games over the next few weeks.