The Last of Us 2: Enemies will experience “human” emotions

The Last of Us 2 analyzed in detail

A couple of weeks ago, Naughty Dog and Sony finally started removing the veils that covered The Last of Us 2, the highly anticipated new exclusive PlayStation 4. After the presentation with the now-famous video of E3 2018, the title had disappeared from the radar and except for sporadic rumors, not much information had arrived.

Neil Druckmann had revealed some features, as well as in the videos posted, also on a post on the PlayStation Blog , and in particular among the many new features he had focused on the behavior of the enemies in The Last of Us 2 . It had already been said that they could call each other to face us, for example, but in general it seems that they will have more “human” behavior.

Each enemy will, in fact, have a name and has been created in a way that reacts naturally according to the situation. If one of their faction is killed, for example, they may mourn their loss, or launch into a furious vengeful attack against us. All this should lead to greater involvement of the player, and to a further improved basic realism. It is no longer a question of enemies with skimpy intellectual abilities, as we have been used to seeing in “classic” video games, but real characters, each with their own character.

What do you think of this feature of the game?