The Last Of Us 2: Neil Druckmann has a message for the players


A new interview with Neil Druckmann published on the pages of PlayStation Blog has allowed us to discover interesting details about The Last Of Us 2, such as the evolution of Ellie or information on the settings, but not only because Druckmann also left a message for the community.

These are the words of the Game Director: ” We have been working on this project for years now. We have maintained a certain reserve, but we know we have the support of our fans and the PlayStation community. For us, they are a source of inspiration, more than they do We can imagine that we are now on our way and we are excited about the idea of ​​completing the game. We have consciously chosen not to show much, some people here are rehearsing the demo and we released a trailer, but we were particularly careful not to unveil the story and the reasons that make it special, like the twists we have in store. At this point, we can’t wait for the fans to be able to play it. “

The Last Of Us Part 2 will be released on February 21st, 2020 on PlayStation 4 and PS4 PRO, in the same interview Druckmann also revealed the origins of the project dating back to 2013, over the years various aspects have obviously been changed compared to the initial plans, as it happens normally in long-term projects and extended development for years.