Wasn’t Sony’s European division aware of the PlayStation 5 announcement?

PlayStation 5

During the night the Videogames Chronicle website published a report that talks about layoffs at Sony that took place last October 8, the day of the PlayStation 5 presentation. Apparently the most affected would be the European division of Sony Interactive Entertainment, apparently less and less at the center of the company’s strategies.

According to reports, it seems that the employees of Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe were not aware of the plans to reveal the new details of PlayStation 5 through the pages of Wired and many would have discovered it just at the time of the publication of the article. The American PlayStation Blog has published a post simultaneously with Wired while the Japanese blog even a minute before, on the European PlayStation Blog the information arrived shortly thereafter.

In general, the perception is that Jim Ryan is working hard to improve the perception of the PlayStation brand in North America, focusing a lot on the internal studios around the United States (think of Sony Bend, Naughty Dog or Sony Santa Monica) while European teams and partly Japanese seem to take second place at this precise historical moment.

Videogames Chronicle tried to contact Sony Interactive Entertainment for clarification but without receiving answers.