WB Games and IO Interactive working on a new game for PCs and consoles

WB Games and IO Interactive

Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment and IO Interactive today announced an international production and distribution agreement for a new gaming experience for consoles and PCs.

IO Interactive now has two studios in the Scandinavian region: IOI Copenhagen in Denmark and IOI Malmö recently inaugurated in Sweden. The agreement will see both companies involved as an active part of the development of the new game.

” We are happy to continue our collaboration with the excellent IO Interactive team,” said David Haddad, president of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. ” IO Interactive has behind it a long tradition of games that have become iconic. We look forward to joining forces with them in this further venture to offer a new gaming experience for PCs and consoles to players around the world .”

” In the last few years Warner Bros has personally shown us the understanding and respect he has for our creative vision, which is why we are excited to continue our collaboration, ” said Hakan Abrak, CEO of IO Interactive. ” We are proud of our history, which has led us to create compelling characters and universes that captured our players: it is in our DNA. To begin this exciting project of creating a new IOI universe with Warner Bros., we are looking for new and ambitious talents who join our teams in Copenhagen and Malmö and accompany us on this extraordinary adventure “.

Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment and IO Interactive have already worked together on several Hitman series titles including Hitman 2 (2018), Hitman Definitive Edition (2018) and Hitman HD Enhanced Collection (2019).