Will the NPCs of the next Call of Duty have similar characteristics to those of the players?


It seems that Activision has studied a very particular technology and through which they could significantly change the physical characteristics and the behavior of the non-player characters present in the next games.

The patent we are talking about speaks of an algorithm (the development of which began in 2014) able to study the characteristics of players such as age, skills, tendencies to play in groups, the number of hours played and style of play. The collection of all these data will lead the development teams to include in their titles of the bots that can more or less faithfully replicate all these attitudes so as to give players the feeling of having fought against a user in the flesh.

It seems that among the collected data there are also the personal data, even if at the exact moment in which the artificial intelligence will use that specific profile it will make anonymous all the sensitive data such as place of origin and sex.

In short, it is not inconceivable that this system could already be implemented in the first titles arriving on the newly announced PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett, perhaps even in the next episode of Call of Duty which according to some rumors could be the new Black Ops.