Call of Duty League: will the Open Brackets return in addition to the franchises?

Call of Duty League

As we know, the Call of Duty League is now a reality and will start with the 2020 season, bringing a lot of news, starting with the franchise format.

However, following the complaints of the many enthusiasts, fearful of being excluded from the elite transformation of the competitive sector, interesting information was also made public: the Open Brackets will return, to the delight of the teams that are not in the league now closed with double delivery.

Now, despite the fact that no team from Open Bracket has ever managed to win an important event, this format has given the amateur teams the impetus to continue competing in the hope of being able to do so. The driving force of this reality was the historic Major League Gaming which, unfortunately, went beyond Call of Duty.

According to a recent statement, it is therefore explicit that the amateur scene will still be an important part of the plans of the nascent league. We hope it doesn’t turn out to be a sort of “Path to Pro” like that of Overwatch, which has led many smaller teams to suspend their efforts in the hero shooter as they are useless.

It is claimed that the three levels of the renewed system are: professional players, amateur players, and the community. It is not clear how or when these events will take place, but online and LAN tournaments are apparently confirmed.

Continuing the tradition of Open Brackets is excellent not only for the community but also for the players. Presumably, the Open Bracket events will begin simultaneously with the 2020 CDL season.