PS5: Will the DualShock 5 have similar functionality to the Google Stadia controller?

PS5: Same Importance for Physical Media, Downloads and Streaming

New information on the DualShock 5, the PlayStation 5 controller whose main features have been officially unveiled by Sony over the last few days, continues to appear on the web.

What we are about to talk about is a feature that may not necessarily be related to the console and it cannot be excluded that it has to do with Sony’s hypothetical Cloud platform. The patent spotted on the net is, in fact, a control system able not only to be used in the traditional way but also to communicate directly with the game servers, so as to reduce input lag to the bone and make the response to its own much faster commands. We speak in a few words about the same mechanism present in the Stadia pad and of which we will be able to test its potential right next month, at the launch of the Google platform.

Obviously we can not establish with certainty if this technology will be implemented in all DualShock 5 or only in a future device designed specifically to work with PlayStation Now. We can, in any case, assume that this accessory does not require a console and that it is the only element to be able to play (in addition to a smartphone, a tablet, a smart TV or a PC connected to the internet).