PUBG Mobile is currently the most profitable mobile game ever

PUBG Indian

While the black hole that swallowed Fortnite keeps everyone in suspense, keeping the flag of the battle royale high is PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, which continues to grind incredible numbers. PUBG Mobile, in particular, is the most profitable mobile game of the third quarter of 2019, surpassing even Arena of Valor.

Compared to last year, according to Sensor Tower analysis, the game’s earnings grew by 652% and generated revenues of 496 million dollars, against the 354 million generated by Arena of Valor. PUBG was also the first mobile battle royale title to have exceeded a billion dollars earned, thanks also to its new launch in China.

Good results also for Pokémon GO, the title whose earnings have grown more than the previous quarter, with an increase of 63%, and also for Mario Kart Tour, although in this case the results achieved by Nintendo’s mobile game concern more the number of downloads that the actual earnings generated by the game.

Although it was launched a few days after the end of the third quarter of 2019, with its 86 million downloads, Mario Kart Tour is the third most downloaded game in that period, finishing behind only the same PUBG Mobile, second with 94 million download, and Fun Race 3D, ranked first with 123 million downloads.

What do you think of the success of PUBG Mobile? Meanwhile, the free-to-play version of PUBG Mobile is available: have you already tried it?