Blizzard cancels the Overwatch launch event on Nintendo Switch


Just on Overwatch’s day one on Nintendo Switch, Blizzard decided to cancel the launch event of the famous videogame, scheduled for tomorrow in New York, as announced by the official account of Nintendo NY with a post on Twitter.

“The Overwatch launch event previously announced, scheduled for Wednesday, October 16th at NintendoNYC, has been canceled by Blizzard. We apologize for the inconvenience this news may cause,” Nintendo’s tweet reads.

It was an initiative thanks to which a limited number of fans of the game would have been able to personally meet the voice actors of the game. The reasons for Blizzard ‘s decision are not clear, but the company is at the moment in the eye of the storm, due to the Blitzchung case.

As you may recall, the pro player was banned for demonstrating during a live streaming in favor of the people of Hong Kong, and Blizzard had decided to ban him and revoke his cash prizes. Many, however, have accused the company of making the interests of the Chinese, economic partners of the company, overshadowing human rights and freedom of expression and speech, and have threatened to boycott it by announcing protests.

Also the BlizzCon 2019 could be hit by protests on November 1st and 2nd, so the event is arousing particular attention. A situation that does not really do anyone any good.