Fortnite Black Hole: a leak reveals the new island and the trailer for Chapter 2!


Fortnite’s leaks continue as we wait to see how long the Black Hole remains that is preventing players from accessing Epic Games’ Battle Royale. After the video of the Battle Pass, the cinematic trailer of Fortnite Chapter 2 now arrives!

The movie trailer will be used to launch Chapter 2 and probably as an intro to the new version of the game, although there are still no confirmations on this aspect. The video also shows the appearance of the new Fortnite island, while the complete map was leaked yesterday evening.

A third Tweet speaks instead of the imminent arrival of a substantial update weighing 20 GB (at least on Xbox One) necessary to take part in Fortnite Chapter 2, a new beginning for the Epic game. At the moment the company has not released details of the patch’s arrival date but according to some rumors, the update will be available from 11:00 or 12:00 (GMT +2) today, Tuesday 15 October.

Others hypothesize that Fortnite can remain offline until October 17, on Thursday Epic could publish the update for Chapter 2 to make Save the World free as a free to play download supported by in-game purchases. We await confirmation or denial from the team.