Fortnite: when does the Black Hole end up playing again?


Despite the many rumors and rumors, Fortnite’s Black Hole did not disappear yesterday, but there is a good chance that Fortnite can start again today, Tuesday 15 October.

According to some theories, the Black Hole will disappear and leave the place to the first season of Chapter 2 this morning at 10:00 , (GMT +2). There are those who speak of a substantial update scheduled for 12:00, but at the moment it is difficult to have certain feedback on the matter.

Initially, there was the talk of Fortnite offline until Thursday 17 October, the day Epic has always chosen for the launch of the new seasons, however, it is unlikely that the company wants to keep the game inaccessible for four days. Fortnite is offline from 22:00 on Sunday 13 October, in its place a giant black hole that makes it impossible to access the game.

Late yesterday evening, the Fortnite Chapter 2 Battle Pass trailer was leaked showing some new skins, weapons, an unpublished map, and improved graphics. With the arrival of Fortnite 2 Epic should make Save the World free for download, the mode will make the transition to the free to play model simultaneously with the debut of Fortnite Chapter 2, at least as reported by leaker and data miner.

At the moment, however, there are no certainties and the developers have not expressed themselves on the matter. The only thing we can do is keep looking at the black hole …