Hideo Kojima will hold a panel at the Cologne Film Festival with Nicolas Winding Refn

death stranding hideo kojima

Hideo Kojima has always wanted to be a director and is a great friend of Nicolas Winding Refn, so much so that the latter has also accepted a role in Death Stranding. It, therefore, seems a natural consequence that the two will be guests tomorrow of the Cologne Film Festival and will hold a panel together, as announced on Twitter by Kojima himself.

The panel is called “Death Stranding: From the history of cinema to the game of tomorrow” and will take place tomorrow, as mentioned, from 14.30. Also tomorrow, at 4.45 pm, another segment is scheduled in which only Winding Refn will be the protagonist , so the conversation between Kojima and the director will last about two hours.

Being the highly anticipated first title of Kojima Productions the main topic of the speech, it is possible that some more information will arrive on Death Stranding that has entered the gold phase a few weeks ago, and whose output is getting closer and closer, being scheduled for on November 8th.

Before the release date of the game at least another trailer should arrive , on which Kojima would already be at work. It seems unlikely that we can see it tomorrow, but being an unpredictable author like the legendary Japanese game designer, never say never.

In the meantime it will be possible to follow the panel of tomorrow in live streaming both on YouTube and on Twitch, on the official channels of the Cologne Film Festival. Will you be there?