Little Town Hero: Game Freak unveils the duration of its new title!

Little Town Hero

The release date for Little Town Hero, exclusively awaited on Nintendo Switch, is now closed, and the development team reveals some details about its new production.

In an interview granted to the editors of Nintendo Life, Masao Taya of Game Freak discussed several interesting aspects of the new IP. Among the latter, we also find some reflections on what will be the longevity of Little Town Hero. In deepening this aspect, Masao Taya said: ” This game is not an adventure game with huge maps. The only area where the main protagonist will be able to move is a single, small village “. This location has already been shown to the public: recently, in fact, the videogame community was able to watch a gameplay video dedicated to the first hour of play of Little Town Hero.

The member of the software house known for bringing the Pokemon series to the videogame market later offered more specific details. For players who will quickly become familiar with the Little Town Hero combat system, the time needed to complete the adventure could be around ten or twelve hours. ” If you need a little more to understand the system ” – added Masao Taya – then the timing could be around fifteen or twenty hours.