PS5 release date: is the launch scheduled for December 2020?

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We know that PlayStation 5 will be released at Christmas 2020 but Sony has not yet announced the exact launch date of its new Next-Gen console, however, an insider claims to know it in broad terms …

TweakTown’s Anthony Garreffa claims to have received an anonymous tip on the release date of PlayStation 5: ” my sources say that PS5 will be launched in December 2020, but I don’t have a specific date to report to you. I would think at the beginning of the month, but in any case I think it’s too late “, the doubt is linked to the fact that Sony would thus lose the important window of Black Friday, a period of great purchases in the United States, where usually the greatest sales of the year are recorded for video games and consoles.

Certainly a launch between October and November 2020 could push sales not just ahead of the Christmas season but it is not necessarily said that the launch in December will end up negatively affecting console sales. For the moment, in any case, it is only rumor and speculation to be taken with due precautions.

Yesterday a leak revealed the existence of an open-world tech demo that would show the potential of PlayStation 5 to a small number of people.