Devil May Cry Capcom’s “main brand”. Get ready for new games

Devil May Cry

The return of the Devil May Cry brand has apparently been well received by players. Capcom wants to develop IP, so we can expect more games that will allow us to face the next demons.

In March, Devil May Cry 5 debuted on the market, which although it cannot count on such interest as, for example, the last Monster Hunter, apparently the Japanese do not complain.

The latest report published by Capcom is very explicit – the company puts Devil May Cry on a par with Resident Evil and mentions the development of new productions. The situation is interesting because the corporation is looking for “young talents” who will want to deal with “major brands” and develop large IPs.

The situation is really eloquent because earlier Capcom mentioned that Devil May Cry 5 is a test that is to investigate IP interest. The company put a larger budget into creating a completely new part, which, however, was well-received by journalists (88%) and apparently players.

All that’s left now is to wait for the next installments to be filled with dynamic duels with various demons.